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David Thompson Portfolio

We provide hosting, email and DNS solutions to David. We will also be working on his personal portfolio website in the near future.

Green Man Learning

Greenman Learning is a forest school based in West Yorkshire. We helped them with their first website, as well as an email and web hosting solution. We now provide DNS and corporate email solutions for them.

UK Drop Shipment

We offer a landing service for this lucrative domain (we also manage the matching .com) and are working towards the eventual sale of this domain for our client who no longer has use for it. In the meantime we are providing DNS, hosting and email services.

Adopt a Refugee

We currently host this domain and provide email and DNS services for it. Our ultimate aim is to help out with the ongoing crises around the world and to act as a UK base for helping the truly deserving however we can - it's our social duty.

We are not experts in this field but we are looking to provide technical assistance to someone who can make a real difference. If that's you let us know as we will support you however we can.

Our brands

Up Front Gaming

This is our longest standing domain. It was started in early 2002 as a Geocities website and has gradually grown and has always served as a way of furthering developer skills.

Currently it is dormant but we would love to bring this site back and provide a gaming community providing a service that is sorely missing in gaming. Time permitting.

Lets Multiplayer Play

A project started with a group of uni friends this site aims to offer up a community and broadcast centre for multiplayer gaming.

Random Cage

Mr Cage has become synonymous with his many internet memes. We feel he deserves a showground to demonstrate this and let people bask in his glory.